Ensight: A BIR-Compliant Partner in Transparent and Responsible Business Practices

Enhance your confidence in partnering with Ensight (officially registered as Ensight Advertising Agency), a fully compliant entity recognized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

For full transparency and to confirm the legitimacy of Ensight as a business entity, we encourage you to utilize the BIR-Registered Business Status Search Facility  

This resource provides an official platform to verify the standing of businesses within the jurisdiction.

Please enter the following official details of Ensight Advertising Agency to proceed with your verification:

Ensight BIR registration

Registered Name/Trade Name:


Branch Code:

After clicking the “Search” button, a prompt will appear as shown below:

Ensight - Officially Registered and Recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry

To verify Ensight's official registration, please follow these simple steps:

(1) Visit the Department of Trade and Industry's Business Name Registration System (BNRS)
(2) In the provided search field, enter "Ensight Advertising Agency" as the business name
(3) Click the "Search" button to view the registration details and status of Ensight.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is a key governmental body in the Philippines, responsible for realizing the country's trade, industry, and investment goals. The DTI's Business Name Registration System (BNRS) is a streamlined platform designed for the registration and verification of businesses. It ensures that all enterprises operate under a unique and legally recognized name, fostering a trustworthy and orderly marketplace. Ensight's official registration with the DTI reflects our commitment to lawful and ethical business practices, assuring our clients and partners of our credibility and dedication to excellence.

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